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Sunday was an awesome day for one reason: small dog playtime.

Now don’t let the “small dog” title fool you – because us small dogs are a force to be reckoned with. Had all 20 of us “little” pooches sat down and come up with a plan to overthrow the alphas, we could’ve easily overtaken them, stolen their cars, and hit every pet store in town. But instead we chased each other around like crazy Old Yellers.

And it was a blast!

I met a puppy Weimaraner who chased me all over the joint with clumsy paws and big ol’ floppy ears. I saw a dog that looked like a tiny bear. And I saw a pint-size chihuahua who kept saying, “Yo quiero Taco Bell.” And I said, “Good, order me 6 cheesy double beef burritos.”

I had been running around for almost an hour when I saw her – a tiny wiener dog that was just my kind of girl. And boy was she fiesty! She had a little tennis ball and I kept bugging her until she put it down and chased me around the room barking. Then I’d sneak up and pester her again. I think she likes me. After all, the female alpha male always chases the male alpha male around yelling when he bugs her, and they like each other. Except she usually has a knife… Hmmmmmmmm. (Just kidding, it’s usually something much less violent, like a frying pan or dictionary)

Anyways, “small dog” playtime was awesome and I can’t wait until next week to go again! I promise I’ll take some pictures next time so you can see for yourself.


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