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Yeah, North Dakota. You know, one state to the left of MN… really? No, I’m not making it up! It’s right about South Dakota; right below Canada. What? Seriously! Whatever – look at a map.

Anyways, male alpha male and I took the loooooooong ride out to Bismarck, ND – also known as “The Jewel of the Part of the United States Everyone Forgets is There.” It was a surprise visit to see the female alpha male, who was hanging out with her family and didn’t think she’d see us for a few more days. I can’t yell “Surprise!”, so I licked her face. Same thing, right? =)

On the way to North Dakota: The torn-open envelope shaped state.

On the way to North Dakota: The torn-open envelope shaped state.

Right now, the house is getting cleaned for a baby shower tomorrow so I’m chillin’ in the basement. Literally – it’s COLD down here. But I’ve got a nice warm lap to sit in, so it’s all good for me.

When I get back home, I’ve got some AWESOME (or “PAWSOME” as some of my doggy friends like to say) Imdoginations all ready to go. Bet you can’t wait. Well, you’ll have to!


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I just went for an AWESOME walk! I would say it was “pawsome”  (as some of my loyal readers like to say) but it wasn’t pawsome because my paws are freaking COLD!!

Anyways, it’s great to get out and get my mind off this neutering business. I’ve got my check-in appointment with the new vet on Tuesday, and I’m a little bit nervous that he’s going to pull out a Slap Chop or something. Yikes!!



Besides that, nothing really new here. Oh, wait! I got a new food! The last one had something in it that made me fart a lot. Seriously, I could clear out Carnegie Hall with a few little SBD’s. But now I’ve got this new Canidae food with Salmon in it, and I eat the bejeebles out of it every time they stick it in front of my face. Dee-lish!

Ok, now I’m pretty sure that’s all the news… wait… maybe not… ok, yes it is. I hope you’re having a great weekend and wish me luck at my vet appointment. If my vet’s name is Vince and he’s wearing a headset microphone… then whoa boy I’m screwed!

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