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At parties, I’ve been known to do some killer imdoginations (sort of like “impersonations” but for dogs). I’m the hit of the party! People go nuts! One guy’s drink came out through his nose. Another guy didn’t go nuts, but did go out for nuts since we had run out.

I love making people laugh at parties, but all the attention makes it hard to steal a taste of the bacon dip. Anyways, here’s some imdoginations that I’ve been practicing… at the end you can vote for your favorite!


First, Winston Churchill. I haven’t quite mastered the accent yet…


"From Stettin in the Baltic..."

















Gene Simmons from KISS…

















Next, Dame Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth from Shakespeare in Love:



















And finally, the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”:

















Ok, now VOTE!


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I just went for an AWESOME walk! I would say it was “pawsome”  (as some of my loyal readers like to say) but it wasn’t pawsome because my paws are freaking COLD!!

Anyways, it’s great to get out and get my mind off this neutering business. I’ve got my check-in appointment with the new vet on Tuesday, and I’m a little bit nervous that he’s going to pull out a Slap Chop or something. Yikes!!



Besides that, nothing really new here. Oh, wait! I got a new food! The last one had something in it that made me fart a lot. Seriously, I could clear out Carnegie Hall with a few little SBD’s. But now I’ve got this new Canidae food with Salmon in it, and I eat the bejeebles out of it every time they stick it in front of my face. Dee-lish!

Ok, now I’m pretty sure that’s all the news… wait… maybe not… ok, yes it is. I hope you’re having a great weekend and wish me luck at my vet appointment. If my vet’s name is Vince and he’s wearing a headset microphone… then whoa boy I’m screwed!

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