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As you know, I love a good imdogination. In case you forgot, imdoginations are just like impersonations, but for dogs. Ok, so they’re not just like impersonations – mainly because they are WAY COOLER! Ok, so check out these starring yours truly, and at the end lemme know what you think. Enjoy!!




Mel Gibson in Signs:

Mel signs  IMG_7798















A Jawa in Star Wars:

jawa  IMG_7797








Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars:

Jabbarotj  IMG_7715













Kate Winslet in Titanic:

Kate_Winslet-Titanic-The_Reader  IMG_7642













If you want to see MORE IMDOGINATIONS, click here and here!!!




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So check it out: male alpha male took me to his work the other day for something super cool. A doggie photo shoot! Turns out, they’re making some ads for a place called Woody’s Pet Food Deli and needed a few good lookin’ pooches as models. I mean, seriously – who else would you call when you need a good lookin’ pooch??

I practiced a few of my poses and looks at home before the shoot: The Pant. The Puppy Eye. The Friendly Pup. The Scholarly Pooch. The Lazy Susan. Things were looking good. But when I got there, there were like 3 other dogs and I got super excited… and I pooped. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I got stage fright! Would this ruin my chance of being famous?? Would this crush my dreams of money, success, and moist delicious dog food eaten out of a crystal dish???

Nope! I got in there and popped a few good poses off before getting distracted by a rope toy. My male alpha male said I coulda behaved a little better, but you can’t expect me to hold still when there’s dogs and toys around that need playin’ with!

Here’s a few shots from the shoot. I can’t wait to see the final ad – Paul says it’s awesome and that I look AMAZING! Nothing new, right? =)


Lola and I getting ready for the shoot. You know, doing typical model stuff.

Lola and I getting ready for the shoot. You know, doing typical model stuff.



Hitch was there too. That guy's tongue cracked me up!

Hitch was there too. That guy's tongue cracked me up!



Moments before "the accident"

Moments before "the accident"



98% of modeling is facing the right way!

98% of modeling is facing the right way.



Me and Cory, the photographer. He's doing what he loves to do, and I'm doing what I love to do: chew!

Me and Cory, the photographer. He's doing what he loves to do, and I'm doing what I love to do: chew!

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Even fiercely independent pooches like myself have mothers. And I love mine very much. Thanks, mom, for 8 weeks of puppy suckling and little nudges with your cold nose.



To all you pooches out there: Don’t forget where you came from. And to all those puppy mothers who haven’t gotten a phone call from their puppies in a while… I accidentally chewed up my own cellphone. Whoops!

Love you, Mom!

Also… to my mom away from mom – my female alpha male: your face always tastes like love. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be half the dog I am (probably the “ket” part… that half tends to misbehave way more than the “Bis” part).

I love you too!


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Today marks the 21st people birthday and 147th doggie birthday of this dog. Oh my flippin’ Great Dane in heaven, that is an old dog!! I can’t even imagine being that old. But once I am (and mark my words, I WILL BE), and my little Bisket parts don’t work as well as they used to, I’m gonna make sure I have one of those little Barbie cars to drive myself around the house (see exhibit A).

Regardless, salud and big woofs to you, old doggie!


EXHIBIT A: This is me in like 20 years.

EXHIBIT A: This is me in like 20 years.



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At parties, I’ve been known to do some killer imdoginations (sort of like “impersonations” but for dogs). I’m the hit of the party! People go nuts! One guy’s drink came out through his nose. Another guy didn’t go nuts, but did go out for nuts since we had run out.

I love making people laugh at parties, but all the attention makes it hard to steal a taste of the bacon dip. Anyways, here’s some imdoginations that I’ve been practicing… at the end you can vote for your favorite!


First, Winston Churchill. I haven’t quite mastered the accent yet…


"From Stettin in the Baltic..."

















Gene Simmons from KISS…

















Next, Dame Judi Dench as Queen Elizabeth from Shakespeare in Love:



















And finally, the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”:

















Ok, now VOTE!

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Since I’ve gotten (*gulp*) “lopped,” thousands of well-wishing letters have poured in from around the globe. I loved them all (except the mean one from the cat)!! Here are a few of my favorites:


Hi Bisket,

I’m so sorry to hear about your neutering. I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. If you need anything (maybe some cheese??), please let me know – I’m always there for you.

Sara-Jo K., MPLS, MN



I was shocked to read about your recent neutering. I have a lot of experience with surgical procedures. Just look at my hair plugs. Do you think those felt good to put in??? No sir! Regardless, I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope you and your family have a blessed and safe 2009. Oh, and support to stimulus package. (No, that’s not some sort of sick neutering joke).

God Bless America,
Vice President Joe Biden



I know what it’s like to be neutered. It’s not fun, but it’s for the best. Sometimes you’ve just gotta take one (or two!) for the team. Just think of what this could do for your career! If I hadn’t been chopped, I would’ve never made it into the hearts of Americans across the country (Kelsey Grammar fired the dog before me because it kept peeing on his snakeskin boots).

All the best,
That dog from the hit TV show Frasier 


Dear Bisket,

You are such a hero to us. Mrs. Jones reads us your blog every day between recess and math class. It makes us happy. One day, we made puppets of you out of old socks and buttons. Then we made a picture of you using black and white construction paper. We are sorry to hear about your testicle (whatever that is). We hope you are feeling better! We love you!

Mrs. Jones and her Third Grade Class, Philadelphia, PA


Almighty Bisket,

You are very great. And the people of my village are humbled by your power and heroic act of neutering. Please give us a bountiful harvest, and many rains to moisten the parched earth. We have made a sacrifice of many sausages in your name. You are the greatest god of all!

By the power of Zeus!
Odessius III, Ancient Greece

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Sort of like impersonations, but for dogs. Anyways, I do quite a few of them and I’d like to share some with you. So, here begins another Bisket exclusive column.

I give you… Imdoginations!


First up: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator












Timothy Treadwell in Grizzly Man:














And finally, Gizmo from the hit movie Gremlins:











Pretty good, eh?? Let me know what you think!


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