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I wonder if cats take dognaps?


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Why wear pants if you’re going to poop them?? When it comes to that, we pooches are definitely ahead of the curve.

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If you wish Happy New Year to a dog, do you have to say it 7 times?

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The best reason to never get your driver’s license.

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Deep Thoughts


Playstation 3 is now only $299. Who gives a crap? Sticks are free.

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Met a woman today who said she didn’t like dogs. It must be hard to be a robot.

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Well, it’s raining cats and dogs here in Minneapolis. (Nice to see the cats actually doing something – albeit falling from the sky)  I’m chillin’ kennelside with nothing to do but chew an old knucklebone and miss the sun.

Ahh, sunshine. I love to stick my face in it! When the alphas get home from lunch, I give them the obligatory jump on the leg and then I’m out the door and into the sweet sweet rays of Mr. Samuel Sun. (Yes, the sun has a first name. And yes, it is Samuel)

Picture me rollin’ (in sunshine):


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