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If you wish Happy New Year to a dog, do you have to say it 7 times?


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The best reason to never get your driver’s license.

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Met a woman today who said she didn’t like dogs. It must be hard to be a robot.

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Well, it’s raining cats and dogs here in Minneapolis. (Nice to see the cats actually doing something – albeit falling from the sky)  I’m chillin’ kennelside with nothing to do but chew an old knucklebone and miss the sun.

Ahh, sunshine. I love to stick my face in it! When the alphas get home from lunch, I give them the obligatory jump on the leg and then I’m out the door and into the sweet sweet rays of Mr. Samuel Sun. (Yes, the sun has a first name. And yes, it is Samuel)

Picture me rollin’ (in sunshine):


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Ok so it’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve written last. What happened?? I have no excuse. But just look at my little face and tell me you’re mad – I dare you!

Anyways, it’s raining dogs and dogs today. Which means I’ve held my poo all day. Right now, it’s 10:06 PM and I have to go super bad. But I am NOT going out in that rain. I hate how it feels like a bunch of pins and needles on my little head and in my ears. (By the way, where did the saying “pins and needles” come from? Has anyone ever had a ton of pins and needles held up against their hands or feet?? How do they know that a pink stuffed elephant wearing ruby slippers doesn’t feel like cold June rain, or a sleeping limb? Sheesh.) The alphas say I have to “do a 2” before bed. I’m not looking forward to it.

Did you know I have a new little cousin?? Yup, Auntie Rhonda had her litter of one. Her name is Aubrey. I’ll place her in the category of cousins I love: Aubrey and Phoebe. I can’t wait until those two grow up a little bit – then I’ll be able to lick food off their dirty little kiddie faces. YUM!

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Yeah, North Dakota. You know, one state to the left of MN… really? No, I’m not making it up! It’s right about South Dakota; right below Canada. What? Seriously! Whatever – look at a map.

Anyways, male alpha male and I took the loooooooong ride out to Bismarck, ND – also known as “The Jewel of the Part of the United States Everyone Forgets is There.” It was a surprise visit to see the female alpha male, who was hanging out with her family and didn’t think she’d see us for a few more days. I can’t yell “Surprise!”, so I licked her face. Same thing, right? =)

On the way to North Dakota: The torn-open envelope shaped state.

On the way to North Dakota: The torn-open envelope shaped state.

Right now, the house is getting cleaned for a baby shower tomorrow so I’m chillin’ in the basement. Literally – it’s COLD down here. But I’ve got a nice warm lap to sit in, so it’s all good for me.

When I get back home, I’ve got some AWESOME (or “PAWSOME” as some of my doggy friends like to say) Imdoginations all ready to go. Bet you can’t wait. Well, you’ll have to!

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Even fiercely independent pooches like myself have mothers. And I love mine very much. Thanks, mom, for 8 weeks of puppy suckling and little nudges with your cold nose.



To all you pooches out there: Don’t forget where you came from. And to all those puppy mothers who haven’t gotten a phone call from their puppies in a while… I accidentally chewed up my own cellphone. Whoops!

Love you, Mom!

Also… to my mom away from mom – my female alpha male: your face always tastes like love. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be half the dog I am (probably the “ket” part… that half tends to misbehave way more than the “Bis” part).

I love you too!


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