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Met a woman today who said she didn’t like dogs. It must be hard to be a robot.


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I’m all talk. This is a blog, after all! And that means that no matter how much I trash-talk cats, I would never hurta real one. But once a fake one steps on my turf, it’s on, baby – IT’S ON!!!!

This is Mr. Mittens. Or “Monsieur Mittens” as he likes to be called. He’s got a French accent, a French attitude and a penchant for, well, just acting French! So I put him back in his place whenever he acts up. Case in point:


They're called FREEDOM FRIES, frog!

Hahaha I kid, I kid. Mittens and I are best friends – and he makes a mean mayonnaise. More adventures on the way??? Could be!

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Well, it’s raining cats and dogs here in Minneapolis. (Nice to see the cats actually doing something – albeit falling from the sky)  I’m chillin’ kennelside with nothing to do but chew an old knucklebone and miss the sun.

Ahh, sunshine. I love to stick my face in it! When the alphas get home from lunch, I give them the obligatory jump on the leg and then I’m out the door and into the sweet sweet rays of Mr. Samuel Sun. (Yes, the sun has a first name. And yes, it is Samuel)

Picture me rollin’ (in sunshine):


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Can’t a dog just sit here and watch Frasier without someone sticking a camera in his face. Geez!


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My female alpha male’s brother-in-law is coming to town this weekend and he’s allergic to dogs. I know – that’s like the worst pox anyone could be cursed with in this world. It’s even worse than an ingrown toenail, or a presidential address right in the middle of the season finale of Scrubs!

Well there’s something about Jason’s feet that I can’t get enough of. If he’s sitting there, I get this weird urge to walk up to him and roll around all over his metatarsals. I don’t know what it is! But I just can’t get enough! I love it!

Then after a few rolls, I get told to get off Jason’s feet. It’s like something you really want but know you’ll never have. A shame, really: Me and those feet could have some fun together!


Possessed by feet!

Possessed by feet!

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If I were a big dog, the world would seem so much smaller. And that would suck.

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