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Michael Vick

Let me be honest here: I couldn’t give two paw licks about Michael Vick’s well-being.

He is a sick, sick man and he does not deserve to play football and be a role model for millions of dog-loving children. He deserves, quite frankly, to pick up dog poo with his bare hands for the rest of his life. Nothing more.

Unfortunately, the NFL thinks it’s a good idea to let him play football again. Sigh.

But here’s my solution. It’s a new idea for a reality show. In the show, a family of dogs lives in an opulent mansion and Michael Vick is their butler. Sort of like Mr. Belvidere but without the awesome mustache. Vick has to do whatever they say. WHATEVER they say. If he refuses… well, eye for an eye right?

The show will last for 3 million seasons. And that still won’t be enough for Michael Vick to make up for what he did.


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As you know, I love a good imdogination. In case you forgot, imdoginations are just like impersonations, but for dogs. Ok, so they’re not just like impersonations – mainly because they are WAY COOLER! Ok, so check out these starring yours truly, and at the end lemme know what you think. Enjoy!!




Mel Gibson in Signs:

Mel signs  IMG_7798















A Jawa in Star Wars:

jawa  IMG_7797








Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars:

Jabbarotj  IMG_7715













Kate Winslet in Titanic:

Kate_Winslet-Titanic-The_Reader  IMG_7642













If you want to see MORE IMDOGINATIONS, click here and here!!!



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