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Barack O’Boston

My blog has become insanely popular after only 12 hours of existence. Thousands of people have already written to me. (I am NOT making this up!) Of all the mail that’s come across my kennel, one of the main topics (other than how damn cute I am) is Barack Obama and what his presidency means for dogs.

Change you can chew on??

Obama: Change you can chew on?

First of all, now that America finally has a black president, we can set our sights on much more important milestones: like the first black and white president. Literally! I mean, what would be more patriotic than a Boston Terrier (The American Gentleman!) in office?? The only thing that worries me in peeing in the corner of an oval office… how’s that gonna work????

Anyways, the biggest issue facing pooches is the economy. If it continues to go into the crapper, that means less car rides, fewer toys, and lots of really bad food (probably made of old socks). So we’d better hope that Barack can either turn it around or throw a couple billion towards the table scrap industry, because I am NOT eating anybody’s argyles.

I was pleased to hear that the Obamas will be getting a “First Pet” in the White House. (Please don’t let it be a chihuahua – those guys are totally overrated. Plus, if you ask them, they know NOTHING about tacos, gorditos, or wanting Taco Bell.) I think you know which breed gets my vote. In fact, dogs across America should be able to vote for the First Dog. Perhaps a lineup of every breed, and the first one we sniff is the one that gets our vote. Sounds/smells good to me.

Vote Boston!!!!!!!

(NOTE: Despite many references to “Boston”, and in turn the state of Massachusetts, this blog does not endorse former MA governor Mitt Romney – or anyone else named after baseball equipment like Danny Glover or Batman.)


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Hey there – Bisket here with my very first post. Sorry it took me so long to start a blog (6 months!), but hell it took me 5 just to learn to pee outside, so you can see what I’m working with here! 

You’re thinking: “Peeing outside?? Who is this guy?? He is obviously from Canada.”

Check out my dogginess.

Check out my doggishness.

Well I guess I didn’t mention that part, did I? I’m a dog. I guess maybe you got that from the title of my blog. Unless you thought I was some weird deformed person with animal hands – sort of like the Penguin from Batman. (Ewww.) But yup, I’m a dog – a Boston Terrier to be exact. I was born in Wisconsin and live in Minneapolis, so that pretty much makes me a Wiscobostoapolis Terrier.

Anyways, this is my blog and I’m gonna write some cool stuff about my life here. You might not think a dog’s life is very exciting, but trust me it’s filled with exotic kibble, collar bling, and lots and lots of bitches. Haha just kidding, but it is pretty interesting. I bet you can’t wait.

Ok, well it’s late and way past my bedtime so I better cuddle up and settle down for the night. I’d say I did a pretty good job typing this post for a pooch with 4 paws. (I’m seriously doubting the usefulness of these dew claws, however…)

Good night!

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